Ages 12-18

Winter/Spring classes will run January 17  to May 19 2017. All youth classes are $3 a class or $51 for the full 17 week session.

Space is limited, please complete a registration form before class start date to reserve your spot. Please note, attendance in each class is required, more than two unexcused absences will jeopardize your spot in the class.

2017 Schedule:  Summer classes: June 12 through August 4, 2017; Fall class: October 2 to December 8

AGES 11 to 13

Youth In Business Jr. 

Monday 4:00-5:00pm 

Taught by TBA

Participants will create and sell a product as a team! Young people will be introduced to business vocabulary and concepts. Profits from art work sold at our annual block party will be split amongst the youth participants.

Multi-Media Story Telling

Tuesdays, 4-5:00p 

Taught by Malaika A. Clements

Using various mediums such as photography, video, writing and sound, youth will engage in community to learn and share stories.

Music Production 

Wednesdays, 4-5:30p

Taught by Dylan Ubaldo

This Music Production class will introduce students to music production, Ableton Live, and the elements of beatmaking and song writing. Students will become familiar with sampling, programming drums, MIDI controller equipment, and editing synths. Each student will walk away at the end of the course with multiple tracks that they produced. Students will also have the opportunity memorize, rehearse and perform lyrics they have written on their beats.

AGES 14 to 18

Youth In Business: T-shirt Design*

Mondays 5:30-7p

Taught by Kim Loper

Students will learn about marketing, sales and business plan development.

Youth In Business: Business Skills*

Tuesdays 5:30-7p

Taught by Anthony Morgan Jr. 

Students will learn about marketing, sales and business plan development.

Youth In Business: Clay*

Thursdays 5:30-7p

Taught by Dominque Hellgeth

Students will make and produce clay items to be sold.

Portfolio Drawing

Wednesday 5:30-7p

Taught by Dalvin Byron

In this class, youth will learn fine art skills. They will learn how to create a professional art portfolio and exhibit work in a public space.

*Interview required for participation, please call 410-728-1199 to set-up an interview. Participating youth will have the opportunity to make and sell their work, profits are shared among participating young people.