Art @ Work

ART @ WORK  2017: Reservoir Hill + The Waverlies 

The Art @ Work program was launched the summer of 2015 through a partnership between Jubilee Arts and The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts. Art @Work is a 5-week artist apprenticeship program employing Baltimore City youth enrolled in Youth Works program to create murals in their communities. By weaving together design thinking, workforce development, economic development, community organizing, and creative expression, Art @ Work has empowered hundreds of youth ages 14-21 to contribute to their neighborhoods through art.

In 2017, the Art @ Work program was located in both the Waverly and Reservoir Hill neighborhoods and created 85 youth jobs, employed 16 professional artists and artist assistants, and engaged over 40 local, state, and national partners, while generating eight new public artworks.

 In addition to working alongside professional artists to create murals in their community, youth from the two respective neighborhoods participated in professional development and skill-building workshops led by Baltimore CASH Campaign, Dew More Baltimore, HIBRED Workforce Solutions, No Boundaries Coalition and Mia Musa.

About the 2017 Murals:


Lead Artist: Ernest Shaw

Artist Assistant: Dalvin Wade Byron

Youth Artist Apprentices:

James, Yvette, Kaliyah, Deasha, Khaynesa, Tykeria, Alexis, Deshawn, Ja’Nel, Tracey, Carlos

Mural Title: Harrison Sykes Brown Playground (formerly Cloverdale Playground)

Address: Cloverdale Park


For the past 60 years, Cloverdale Recreation Center has served as a staple of support in west Baltimore for ages 7-75. Ernest’s team wishes to create a mural that expresses the joy that the game of basketball can bring to a community.

_MG_6930Lead Artist: Gary Mullen

Artist Assistant: Liz Angellatta

Youth Artist Apprentices:

Sera, Anthony, Tyshay, Zoe, Heavenscent, Tyon, Justin, Jerome, Cameron, Daria

Mural Title: Whitelock

Address: Tune Up City, 701 Whitelock Street


The mural depicts the beautiful community of Reservoir Hill in the early days. The artist came up with the design using input from the community and the building owners. History, music, and the image of an old car were used to help communicate the different uses of the Tune Up City building.

_MG_6938Lead Artist: S. Rasheem

Artist Assistant: Melku Tafari & Emma Derr

Youth Artist Apprentices:

Audacious, Akia, Jade, Kaiylah, Shydi, Makayla, Djariatou, Kennedy, Antoine, Chyna, D’juane

Mural Title: Dark Matter

Address: 2524 Brookfield Ave


The mural depicts a combination of African American culture, sci-fi, fantasy, and mysticism that reimagines Black artists in the future. It celebrates artists as creators, keepers, and innovators of culture.

_MG_6915Lead Artist: Julie Horton

Artist Assistant: Jache Haynie

Youth Artist Apprentices:

Moenira, Janiya, Katia, Rel, Kailah, Ro’Shay, Isaiah, Kathleen, Deondre, Ja’Riya, Avery

Mural Title: Break Through

Address: German Park, 2411 Linden Ave


The Break Through mural is inspired by the sentiments of many Reservoir Hill neighbors. It depicts symbols of youth, potential, inspiration, hope, love, and growth. At certain points of the mural, the design shows a crack and breaks open – only to reveal more beauty beyond the layer. Like a tree that grows from a vacant building, the greenery that surrounds our mural is an ode to the ideas of good, life, and new growth. Nature, like love, always finds a way.

_MG_6898Lead Artist: Iandry Randriamandroso

Artist Assistant: Giulia Livi

Youth Artist Apprentices:

Gabrielle, Shannon, Brianna, Myiesha, Ja’kai, N’Kaiya, Maya, Takiya, Kharlee

Mural Title: Talking Hands

Address: The Book Thing, 3001 Vineyard Lane


This mural represents the many sentiments expressed from local residents during community interviews. The artists also wanted to promote The Book Thing of Baltimore, an organization that allows people to receive free books to further their knowledge and education. In the design, they used letters from the American Sign Language alphabet to spell out the words “BOOK THING” and utilized the palms of the hands as a vehicle to share key themes from their community conversations with mural viewers.

_MG_6871Lead Artist: Latoya Peoples

Artist Assistant: Jerome Chester

Youth Artist Apprentices:

Zaniya, Chielota, Desiree, Te’Shaun, Tamera, Hunter, Skyler, Keyona, Niasjia

Mural Title: The Dreamer

Address: Waverly Ace Hardware, 601 Homestead Street


The mural depicts a youth in deep contemplation about the Waverly neighborhood. His thoughts are represented by colorful shapes, where scenes of Waverly through time are superimposed. The mural shows some of the rich history of Old Victorian Waverly on the left, a transition through to the present, and a road leading to a bright future!

_MG_6879Lead Artist: Megan Lewis

Artist Assistant: Kenneth Clemons

Youth Artist Apprentices: 

Ayana, Aiden, Shakell, Joanna, Uriah, Keara, Kamera Deasia, Damira, Amari, Keira

Mural Title: Learn, Grow. Evolve.

Address: Rite Aid, 3198 Old York Road

Description: While gathering information from the community, residents talked about the past, present, and future of Waverly. Community members commented about witnessing change, but wanted to see more. The artists determined that in order to see change you must evolve. In order to evolve, you must learn and grow. A Black woman is depicted as the narrator that represents the comforter and healer. She is leading the way, as she carries the culture of her community and wears it proudly. Follow her lead and evolve.


Lead Artist: Mike Thomas

Artist Assistants: Najee Haynes-Follins & Jimmy Li

Youth Artist Apprentices:

Lyric, Kalissa, Jasmine, Alia, Joe, Keyanna, Aaron, Jennifer, Desney, Ashley, Nathaniel

Mural Title: Waverly Crab House

Address: Waverly Crab House, 3400 Greenmount Ave


Designed to support an important and thriving business in Waverly, the mural features colorful, eye-catching images of crabs, fish and shrimp, all sold at the Waverly Crab House’s business.

2016 Projects 

Shake & Bake Mural Site for Art @ Work, Team Megan Lewis, Baltim


IgnacioTeam-2 IgnacioTeam-9


Community Partners

Better Waverly Community Organization

BrioxyReservoir Hill Improvemen t Council

Waverly Improvement Association

Waverly Main Streets

Lead Sponsors

Ace Hardware

Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development

Baltimore City Dept. of Planning’s INSPIRE Program

Baltimore Development Corporation

Central Baltimore’s Partnerships’ HCPI Spruce Up Grants

France-Merrick Foundation

Johns Hopkins University

Laurlene Straughn Pratt Foundation

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

Morton K & Jane Blaustein Foundation

The Abell Foundation

Supporting Sponsors

Baltimore City Department of General Services

Barty and Clia Carr

Giant Food

Healthy Neighborhoods


The Home Depot

St. John’s Episcopal Church

University of Baltimore

Programming Partners and Stakeholders

Baltimore CASH Campaign

Baltimore City Summer Food Service Program

Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks

Baltimore City Department of Public Works

Baltimore Community Toolbank

Dew More Baltimore

Family League of Baltimore

GLSEN Baltimore

HIBRED Workforce Solutions

Invisible Majority

Mayor’s Office of Employment Development

No Boundaries Coalition

Rite Aid

The Book Thing

Tune Up City

Waverly Crabs

Youth as Resources

Photography by  Samantha Selby & Nate Larson

Art @ Work 2017, photos by Nate Larson, mural photos by Sam Shelby