Youth in Business Team

Meet our team!

Always trust in the youth’s abilities. Even when you think we can’t ….. WE CAN. Youth in Business is a team of young Black entrepreneurs that want to change how we are seen by the community and promote a positive outlook of all youth.



Kalel Adell

Sales Manager, Leadership Board

Kalel Adell is a 17 year old. He attends Edmunson. He is a valued member of our sales team. Kalel loves to play football and wants to go pro in the near future.

Laila Amin

Special Events Manager, Leadership Board

 Laila Amin is a 15 years old that goes to Polytechnic Institute. Her favorite part of Youth In Business is making ceramic items and making business plans. She loves the feeling that she gets when her design sells well and makes people happy. She would like to go to Towson, University Of Maryland, or Penn State to study business or astronomy.


Shydi Griffin

Inventory Manager, Leadership Board

Shydi Griffin is a 17 year old Junior at Carver High School. During the past three summers Shydi has painted murals in Baltimore with Jubilee. Shydi wants to be an actor and be in the film industry one day.

Keyarra Johnson

Alumni Mentor, Program Assistant

is a 19 year old CCBC student who is currently working as the Program Assistant for Youth in Business through the CAC Americorp program. She is an alum of the YiB program and now co-teaches the YiB classes, co-manages inventory and administrative duties. She realizes that the art and business aspect of a cooperative go hand in hand and she feels it is important to use the skills she’s learned to strengthen YIB. In her spare time she works on developing her skills as an animator and collaborates with an organization that  helps clean up the streets of Baltimore. She hopes to one day be able to give back and rebuild her community, and run a successful game developing company.


Deshawn Richards

Production Manager, Leadership Board

Deshawn Richards is a 16 year old, 11th grader from Digital Harbor High School. He has painted murals with Jubilee Art’s Art@Work program. He has his own cooking show, “The Entertaining Deshawn Show” on YouTube. He is a part of the Youth in Business program at Jubilee Arts and serves on the Leadership Board as the Production Manager. He is a mentor for other young individuals in Baltimore City that see him as a leader. His favorite class at Youth in Business is Ceramics and Design where he learns a plethora of skills.


Imani White

Alumni Mentor

Imani White is 18 and a Homeschool graduate. She is an artist and loves architecture. She is the Alumni Mentor for Jubilee Arts Youth in Business. She likes the fact that’s she’s learning how to run her own business. Her goal is to own an architecture firm



Ja’Riya Wimbley

Inventory Committee

Ja’Riya Wimbley is 17 years old. She goes to Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy. Her goal is to be a pharmacist. Something interesting about Ja’Riya is that she bakes cakes and likes to draw. Something she likes about YiB is the clay and the helpful people in YiB.



Kathleen Jones

Special Events Committee

Kathleen Jones is a 15 year old, 10th grade at Edmondson Westside. She painted a mural at German Park with Art@Work over the summer to help beautify the neighborhood.

Corey Harris

Sales Committee

Corey Harris is 15 years old. He goes to Coppin Academy high school. He likes to play basketball. Something you should know about him is that he gets along with everyone. He likes the relationship with other people. He favorite YiB class is the Design class.

Savannah Kemp

Marketing Manager, Leadership Board

Savannah is a 16 year old sophomore at Woodlawn High school. She is a very active person and is helpful to others. A goal she wants to achieve is to improve in team building and communication skills. She dreams of one day joining the military, becoming a dermatologist, and/or becoming a brain surgeon.

Jabril Abdul Aziz

Finance Committee

Jabril Abdul Aziz is 14 years old and goes to the Islamic Community School. He has work experience in apparel manufacturing and food manufacturing. He loves the Business class and hopes to improve with it.His goals for the future are to work hard and make money.



Jennah Abdul Aziz

Marketing & Special Events Committee


Tantrice McKoy

Inventory Committee

Tantrice Mckay is a 15 year old, sophomore at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. She is a very active person and she loves to do outdoor building activities that helps individual with team building. She’s a new member she already is very hard-working and loves to be challenged. She is studying business and hopes to own a coding studio in the future.



Andrea Carrol

Marketing & Production Committee

Andrea Carroll is 14 years old and attends Bard High School Early College (BHSEC). She has been to South Africa, sings, dances, and is visually talented. She hopes to learn more about communication and entrepreneurship in different ways through Youth In Business. After high school, she plans to become an OB/GYN.  


Devonn Rochester

Production/Design Committee

Devonn Rochester is a 14 year old freshman at Bard High School Early College (BHSEC). In Youth in Business, Devonn hopes to learn how to become a leader. He has never had anything less than an A in math. Devonn’s goal is to graduate high school.

Dearius Cameron

Production/Design Committee

 Dearius Cameron is a 16 year old junior at Edmondson Westside High school. He has been a musician since the age of 5 and really enjoys the creative freedom he has in Youth in Business(YIB). He hopes that YIB will teach him how to be an entrepreneur so that he fulfill his dream of producing his own music.


Travon McKoy

Inventory Committee

Travon Mckoy is 15 and goes to Digital Harbor High School. He plays the saxophone. He’s really good in organizing things. He loves graphic design class and wants to be in the Medical Field.


Sydney McCoy

Inventory Committee

Sydney McCoy is a 17 year old, Senior at Carver Vo-tech High School. She is working on communicating more.